Sunday, June 7, 2015

Make a version of your own Kimchi-bibimbap

Oh! Didn’t I forget to include on my previous blog-post that one of the qualities that I have (aside from being an enthusiast in art-world) is that… I am a gourmet in foods, a foodie, food lover in short.

I know clearly that I am not a professional-chief myself, or something. But, it’s the passion for cooking somehow that draws me in. I like Inventing new recipes; bringing food-presentations into a fine-art one (eventhough I’m not a good one). I actually even love watching food-shows on TV (and this is one of my fave hobbies). Whenever I see food-shows or food competition on TV, the feeling is like I don’t wanna leave that particular food channel. I am fond of doing all these stuffs, it’s because I love eating SO MUCH!

And so, for this day, I’m gonna share to you some secretes on how to make your own version of “KimchiBibimbap”—it is actually a popular food in South Korea. The word bibimbap is derived from the hangul language (Korean word) as “fried-rice”. While kimchi, is a national food of Koreans made from fresh vegetable cabbage seasoned with garlic, pepper, ginger and particularly powder-chili.

In here, you won’t be needing fresh cabbage just to make a kimchi—No! We certainly don’t need kimchi, too. What we truly need in here is your enthusiasm. This try-out is mainly just for FUN, to ease out your stressful day.

Here are the following ingredients that you might wanna try:

  •   Left-over cooked rice
  •  Ketchup/ tomato sauce (for the redness- color flavor of your version of kimchibibimbap)
  •   Garlic & onions (chopped)
  •  Pepper (to make your fried rice a little bit chilly)
  •  Carrots (chopped. You can also add other vegetables
  •     Egg & meats (the meats should be fried already)
  •   Curry powder  (you can also try chilly-powder if you have one)

Put the chopped garlic and onion first on the sizzling pan with oil; then, the carrots and meats; after that pour some ketchup / tomato sauce and curry powder on the same pan (for other option: you can also pour the ketchup/tomato eventually right after you put the cooked on the pan);and lastly, put the left-over cooked rice,and mix it together with egg & (fried/cooked) meat in order to complete the process of this strange yet distinct recipe.  

Friday, June 5, 2015

Meet my first love!

At first place, writing was not my first love. I didn’t have that much passion on writing and drafting sentences from scramble words on my head. It was the Art, Visual art, in general, that became my first-love. Sketching faces and various features, drawing wonderful things that I see, and putting those great emotions on my paintings, was my foremost passion. I was even chosen as cartoonist on our school-campus. And on my highschool days, I was known for my skills in drawing, painting, and sketching. However, it didn’t end up there.

Usually, I love to paint, particularlybeautiful landscapes. The feeling is different and extremely wonderful when I put vibrant colors of nature, and draw topsy-turvy shapes of; mountains, flowers, trees, white-sand, including the seas, on my blank white-bondpaper. Whenever I paint or draw amazing sceneries, I feel great specially when I see the good result of my art-work. It’s like having an awesome escapade on a certain place, eventhough I’ve never been there (haha, kinda hilarious… isn’t it?). And that’s how I fell in love deeply with Art.

Maybe, it’s the blood of art from my father’s artistic skill that runs on my veins. FYI, my father is truly an artistic-person himself. Typically, he’s pro in designing unique home-bases, and sketching different kinds of figures at a glimpse. By the way, he can also create fine-furniture (two wooden-chairs or three or more) in just two-weeks. And, Oh!—he’s no amateur when it comes in playing guitar (acoustic, bass, electric... name it!). It’s No wonder that I am that super-crazy in visual arts. Well, you know what they say—‘“like father, like daughter”!

On the other hand, the hobby for writing has just newly come in to me. I wasn’t that really enthusiast and an avid fan in black and whites. It’s in the college experience when I gained that interest for writing. Well, it’s probably because… as a college student, you’ll always get used to these hectic writing-assignments and other requirements, like (making of analysis, drafting for proposal research, and many more). I was merely unconscious that I have that little potential in writing(an itty-bitty little bit of writing skills or perhaps none). Until such time, I was encouraged to write when the moment came that my teacher in English 9 (Grammar & Composition) told me that I have the potential in writing. And so, I pursue that skill ‘till today.

For now… I am striving to improve my writing skills and put a passion to it. And hopefully, In Shaa Allah, it’ll be beneficial to me, soon, in terms of finding jobs and shall serve as my bridge to my dreams.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Don't hide your shortcomings-- be yourself!

On this generation (the 21th century), you can’t reject the fact that people by nature were innately born with judgmental-mental minds. Come on, it’s part of the ego that perches on it! On the bright-side of human-races, there are also some people who would accept YOU (the real YOU) – your shortcomings, your silly attitudes, your imperfections, and even that chubby-round faces of yours (like me). Not merely, the physical beauties of yours, your high-quality gizmos, gadgets, and apps, and the great standard-of-living that you have.

Is it wonderful that someone would appreciate that awkward character of yours? Is it incredible that somebody would ride-on to your insaneness along your journey of this life? Is it beautiful if someone would love to have you, despite your deficiencies?  And is it awesome if somebody would wanted to hung-out with you even if your that effing crazy and doofus ?... Is it amaziiiiiiiiiiing? 

To be accepted and appreciated the real character of yours, you have to let go the things that mark your limitations and pave the genuineness of yourself—which makes you unhappy, imprisoned in the dungeon of your inner-self.  

Here, let me tell you a wee-story of mine:

I was born with that pygmy-height. And then, when I grew up I started eating a lot—which turn me into a big-fat-pygmy young lady. From that moment on, people started to mock at me, our neighborhoods, and silly kids, etc. and even my family (but, I still love them). And sometimes they even compare me to my younger sister who has a body of model-like and gorgeous face—which is an annoying one. But, hey! Don’t think that I am insecured or have a resentment feelings over on my sister (I love my sister and I admire her wonderfulness, even if people keep on comparing us). However, despite of all these, I didn’t take it personally. But instead, I embrace it—that I have a pygmy-height which hides my old-age (coz, people sometimes think of me as still a highschool student. Well, it’s because of my cute-pygmy-height). And I’m happy with that. Do you see now the advantage of embracing your shortcomings? I’m telling you… once you’ve done it, you’ll feel liberated and contended. Thus, that’s the thing that would make you happy and a better person. J

Be yourself! Accept your shortcomings and make the most out of it. Because, inorder to be appreciated by the public—you ought to appreciate yourself first, and embrace the limitless of you. Admit the things that you couldn’t barely achieve. Because, after all, we are just human-being (a creation of Almighty God (ALLAH)), puny, vulnerable, and prone to mistakes.

What about you? What are your shortcomings?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Me, Myself, and I, against the world

       Perhaps, most of us, being placed here in this unbearable world are struggling to fight against with hurdles of life. Trying, and striving to scratch things that could ease burdens within our shoulder. We all have encountered the same hardships in lives, trust me. Like for instance, one of those common things is: financial problems, lacking of self-esteem, love complications (btw, I haven’t encountered this yet. And I’m not planning to have one), isolation, domestic troubles, and so on. Because of this, we tend to feel hopeless, desperate, and soon after we end up thinking of getting a dagger then stubbing one’s self, or heading to a tall building then jump-off on the ground, or decide to be a rebellious person and do evil-doings stuff while living.
         How pathetic and stupid we are!If we’re gonna do those absurdities. May I point-out that, while we are in the existence of this world, you couldn’t skip nor escape from the sphere of dreads within in this lifetime.
         However, whatever gloomy-words I’ve said earlier on the above statement. Don’t be troubled that trials of life can’t be beaten (I was just depicting of how world can be so cruel if you’re gonna let it in to you).You don’t have to be alone. You need not to ruin your life, and do horrible things to yourself. What I’m trying to tell is, be optimistic, always think all the positive vibes and the possible options that may come in to you. Coz, if you gonna give in, at the end of the day, it is YOU (yourself) who will suffer the consequences of your immoral-act. I know, I know, it’s not that easy as putting a butter-jam to your toast while you’re drowning in the middle of countless problems. But, remember this, as long you’re still breathing, as long your hands can still grasp things, and for as long as your body can still work. Then, there’s still a hope, there’s always been a hope in us, actually, from the first place. And, particularly, don’t ever forget to include in your mind that the presence of our Almighty God (ALLAH) has always been there, for ALL of us. Anyways, you have to have a genuine and full-blast of faith in the will of our Creator (ALLAH). Thus, that’s where hope started to bloom its sturdiness and illuminate your dark-miserable world. And remember, He (ALLAH), is the one, and the only ruler, that can manipulate everything and could aid your baffling troubles at a whim.

       There, I hope I’ve been helpful to you even in a little ways. If you have problems there, don’t hesitate to ask, and feel free to share your painful situations, sentiments, and opinions.

(This is actually my first ever blog-post. So, if you have thoughts there, you can give any comments or suggestions regarding on my work. I welcome any criticism whether it is negative or positive. Well, of course, as long as it’ll not be resulted to conflicts and violence, that would be much better.)